EPA2024 Budapest, Hungary. 6 -9 April 2024.

e-Poster Prize Winners

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e-Poster Prize Winners

Congratulations to the #EPA2024 e-Poster prize winners.

Virág Zábó

Psychological immunity: A new mental health test for psychiatric samples

Junwon Kim

Efficacy of transcranial direct current stimulation for controlling of food craving in subjects with overweight or obesity

Zsofia Borbala Dombi

The role of partial agonists and specifically cariprazine in dual disorders

Anna Monistrol-Mula

Divergent risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection, severe COVID-19 and mortality across psychiatric disorders: Analysis from electronic health records in Catalonia

Mehmet Bülent Sönmez

Relationship of interoceptive accuracy with craving, personality dimensions, and alexithymia in alcohol use disorder

Maria Luisa Imaz Gurruchaga

Lithium management around delivery: A retrospective observational cohort study

Francisco Javier Cruz Aviña

Socio-demographic characteristics and pharmacological treatment options in patients with delirium