EPA2024 Budapest, Hungary. 6 -9 April 2024.

Session Proposals

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Session Proposals

Session proposals are now closed!

Do you want to help shape a better future for mental health professionals and patients?

The EPA 2024 Scientific Programme Committee is pleased to receive all session proposals for EPA courses, workshops, and symposia to be included in the EPA 2024 scientific programme.  Submissions are welcome until 31 May 2023, 23:59 CEST

Remember to read through the session proposal guidelines for EPA courses, workshops, and symposia before creating and submitting your proposal.

Types of session proposals

Symposium proposals
Symposium proposals focus on specific topics in psychiatry, representing several points of view. Each symposium will include four presentations by international speakers and offers an opportunity for discussion at the end.

Workshop proposals
Workshop proposals are devoted to a specific topic and bring together experts in the field for an intensive discussion. These are 90-minute working sessions, with 30 minutes devoted to discussion and interactivity.

EPA Course proposals
The European Congress of Psychiatry serves the educational mission of the EPA by providing high-quality EPA Courses, covering all aspects of psychiatry. Each EPA Course is composed of two 90-minute sessions.