EPA2024 Budapest, Hungary. 6 -9 April 2024.

Press registration information

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Press registration information

Press information and registration

The European Psychiatric Association welcomes journalists to our Annual Congress in Budapest, Hungary. We very much value the role of the press in distributing information to the public on the research presented at the Congress.

General information about the Congress can be found via the Congress web pages, but there are several points which specifically relate to the press.

  • We offer free registration to qualified, accredited journalists.
  • The form for press registration can be found here. This explains how to register, and who is eligible for press registration. It also provides important Congress information, e.g. restrictions on photography and filming.
  • Press registration is not guaranteed; it is offered at the discretion of the EPA. There may be occasional circumstances where we are obliged to refuse or revoke registration.
  • We offer some limited facilities for the press, including a small press room (room C105) which is generally accessible while the Congress is open. Space is limited, and we ask that you please do not leave any valuable possessions in the room.

If you need any direct assistance during the Congress, please contact epa@stripecommunications.com who will be managing the press.